Mobile Crushing & Screening

Muhlbach Enterprises is proud to offer mobile concrete crushing and screening services in addition to our excavation and demolition services. Rather than dumping materials or adding to landfills, recycling is a better option with several benefits for consumers.

Recycling Benefits

In an age of environmental awareness, recycling is a positive option for waste management. Our concrete recycling operation satisfies the growing need of the public and government agencies for the disposal of a mass waste product. Using recycled concrete in piping sub-grade bedding, paving sub-base, parking lots or driveways, which in turn reduces overhead expense and increases profits.Recycling concrete and asphalt helps keep it our of our landfills and unsightly dumping. Reducing the need for mining and eases the environmental impact on our community.

Let Us Help You

Our recycled materials are free of metals and excess dirt, creating a more desirable product for our clients.

Using recycled materials as a road base or top material reduces costs for land owners and contractors. Our self-contained crusher and screen can fit into smaller, tighter areas allowing us to recycle on your site while remaining easily mobile.  Be environmentally friendly. Let us help you clean up your job site by turning your waste into a usable, sellable, and profitable product.

Willing to travel? We also accept material deliveries on our site.

For More Information:
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