About Us


Muhlbach Enterprises, LLC is fundamentally a heavy construction and earthwork construction company that operates primarily within 150 miles of Lincoln, Nebraska. We have satisfactorily completed work in Allenstown, PA; Beaumont, TX; and Seattle, WA.

Business Operations consist mainly of conservation type work employed by local farmers, ranchers, businesses, and government agencies (USDA, NRCS, FSA, etc.) that utilize our expertise in construction of earthen embankments, terraces, drainage channels, sediment detention cells/ponds/lakes, complete tile drainage systems, and other similiar structures.

Our concrete crushing operation was envisioned to satisfy the growing need of the public and government agencies requiring a more environmentally sustainable ideology for the disposal of a mass waste product, portland and asphalt cement concrete rubble. Past customers have included the State of Nebraska, City of Pilger, City of Wayne, and other municipalities and agencies.

Recycling concrete that has been thrown away in landfill or simply used as ditch fill is no longer an acceptable method of disposal for a very useful product if it is handled properly and modified in such a way to meet the engineering needs of local, state, and federal agencies looking to find effective alternatives to new aggregates, find ways to re-use a resource that has been previously been used at best, a ditch erosion preventer, and at worst, a product to dispose of in a municipal landfill and save money for government agencies.

We're up for the challenge of meeting the demand for recycled products, and look forward to growing our endeavors while continually providing quality products and services to our customers for many years to come.